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Drive a new Peugeot!
All models available - compact to vans.
Short-term All-Inclusive Peugeot Auto Leases...

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Thank you for visiting the Discover France Travel Center's Car Leasing Department! We are pleased to offer you a wide selection of Peugeot models, through our affiliation with AutoEurope – a leader in worldwide auto leasing for over half a century.

Peugeot model 307 hatchback coupe

Planning to visit Europe for 21 days or longer? Discover how cost-effective a short-term lease from Peugeot can be! Our leases – also known as a "buy-back" program – will cost you less than a car rental for a comparable length of time, plus the lease package is all-inclusive – no worries about insurance, mileage, or other extras!*

If you were thinking of traveling with a few friends by train, consider this: Sharing the cost of a car lease will – in most instances – be cheaper than buying FrancePass or EurailPass tickets for your group. You will also enjoy far greater flexibility in scheduling your itineraries and choosing out-of-the-way destinations – if you're so inclined. Feel like taking a walk off the beaten path? Just stash your gear in the trunk, lock it up, and go where you please. Rail travel can't match the freedom and convenience of driving your own car!

Peugeot model 607 sedan

Get a quote for your preferred vehicle & travel dates.

Choose from a variety of comfortable Peugeot models to suit your needs and the number of passengers. We offer compacts, mid-size, station wagons, mini-vans, luxury sedans, convertibles and more.

All vehicles are brand-new, tax-free, and direct from the factory – equipped with power steering, electric windows, airbags, CD player, and central locking. You can also specify an assortment of other features and accessories according to your preferences.

Nationality, Age & License Requirements

To qualify for a lease/buy-back from Peugeot, you must be a non-European Union resident, and planning to stay in the E.U. no longer than 175 days in any consecutive 12-month period. European Union citizens living outside the E.U. can also take advantage of the lease/buy-back program. (see Terms & Conditions)

Peugeot Partner mini-van

Our lease packages are available to anyone age 18 or older; there is no upper age limit. A valid driver's license from your home country is sufficient for all Peugeot leases; although we recommend that you consider acquiring an International Driving Permit** (IDP), it is not a requirement for our lease agreements.

There is no early return penalty. In other words, if you wish to benefit from the Peugeot lease terms even though you will be visiting Europe for less than 21 days, that is not a problem. For example, customers who may only be staying for 18 days can pay the 21-day minimum and turn their vehicle in early without any penalty.

Our Credo: Excellence in Service & Support

Auto Europe is dedicated to providing our Discover France customers with competitive rates and the best service available anywhere. We do not believe that customers should expect less because they pay less. If you have never used our services before, give us a try!

Browse available models and request a quote now!

We look forward to serving your every travel need – including air, auto, bus and rail transportation, hotel and youth hostel reservations, expedited passport issuance (U.S. only), currency exchange and more. Discover France is constantly expanding its services to better reflect the needs of our visitors. Please stop by again soon to see what's new! We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and grateful for your patronage and support.

* Gasoline and highway tolls are not included in your Peugeot lease.
** The IDP is an internationally accepted document that will quickly identify you to foreign officials and expedite all matters pertaining to driving while you are overseas. It also serves as an additional form of identification, valid in 130 countries. Available at all AAA offices, the cost for an IDP is $15. Two passport photos are needed, and you must be 18 years or older with a valid driver's license to receive an IDP.



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