Lease the Peugeot 207cc with Auto Europe

Ever wanted to cruise around Europe with the wind in your hair? Next time you are going to be in Europe for more than 21 days, treat yourself to a convertible from Peugeot. The 207cc is one of Europe's most fuel-efficient convertibles, and will leave you feeling refreshed after a long afternoon drive through the countryside.

Peugeot 207 CC Series Details
Peugeot 207 CC exterior view Peugeot 207 CC luggage area Peugeot 207 CC vehicle capacity
Models 207 CC PETROL
120 CH
112 CH
Length (feet) 13.25
Width including outside mirrors (feet) 6.46 5.74
Height (feet) 4.6
Empty Weight (pounds) 2958 3086
Trunk Dimensions
Volume (cab/coupe) (cubic feet) 6.6 (cab) / 15.8 (coupé)
Horsepower (HP) 120 112
Max speed (miles per hour) 119
Manual 5 6
Fuel Consumption
Highway/City/Combined (MPG) 44/27/36 57/39/49
Tank capacity (gallons) 13
Fuel type diesel
CO2 g/miles 94 78
Electronic stability program (ESP) X+SSP*
Anti wheel locking (ABS) X
Electronic brake pressure balance (REF) X
Emergency brake assistance (AFU) X
Driver airbag X
Passenger airbag X
Front lateral airbags X
Self regulated A/C X
Doors + trunk remote locking X
Electric front windows X
Electric rear windows X
Two lateral doors X
Cruise control-speed limiter X
Light alloy wheel rims X
Tinted windows X
Driver Assistance
Power steering X
Fog lamps X
Automatic wipers with rain sensor and automatic lighting of the dipped beam lights X
Electrically foldable outside mirrors X
Trip computer X
GPS / Navigation System X WIPNAV
Radio / CD player with RCA auxiliary plugs X rca
Electronic immobilizer X
Number of passengers 2+2
Rear hazard warning X
Tyre pressure control X
Spare wheel temporary sparewheel
*SSP: combined electronic stability control between ESP and electric power steering.
**EGC, BMP6 or 2 Tronic are clutchless manual gearboxes.

Note: The following video refers to the British version of Peugeot 207cc with right-hand drive.
The French version is left-hand drive; otherwise, the vehicle's features are similar.