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Car Rental FAQs

May I make changes to my rental while traveling?

What should I do with paperwork pertaining to my rental?

Should I read my rental voucher?

What will happen when I arrive to pick up my rental?

Can I use my airline miles towards my car rental?

Can you guarantee that the car on the voucher is the car I am going to receive?

Do you have toll-free phone service from overseas?

How can I pay for my rental?

How is my rate guaranteed?

How quickly can I confirm my reservation?

I did not receive my voucher, how can I obtain the voucher?

I do not have a credit card, can I still rent a car?

I have a debit card, can I use this to pick up my vehicle?

I want to confirm my car rental with payment, but do not feel safe sending my credit card information to you by email. How can I confirm my car rental with payment?

Is an International Driving Permit mandatory in Europe?

Is there a fee for canceling or changing a reservation?

What do I need to pick-up my car?

What if I find a better rate for a rental car?

What is the difference between basic and inclusive rates?

What kind of insurance can I get for my rental car?

When is your reservation center open?

Where is the Auto Europe counter located?



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